Yes, a Business Class Flight is much more expensive than economy. But the crucial question is:

Are you worth it?

It’s not just about your comfortable recliner, where you can stretch out comfortably and relax. Or the various menus: regionally inspired or do you prefer a more international cuisine? With matching wines or cocktails if you prefer, champagne, beer or other spirits? The on board entertainment from movies and music or if you prefer “live” in the On board lounge of the A380? Meet new people, as they say, to broaden your horizons while you have interesting conversations and indulge in a selection of appetizers or attune to your final destination with an exotic cocktail.

It’s about your time, whether you are flying on business reasons or on your holiday. It’s about the moment when you step out of your door and make your way to your destination. And all this “in between” can be a wonderful relaxing experience with the business class from a single source.

„But I can book anything myself, even if I book Economy!“

Yes, you can. Not everything, but some. But organization and timing are then in different hands and must be determined separately by you. You should have everything in the back of your mind at all times, whether it really works out, like you have booked it?!

Back to the initial question: Are you worth it?

Here we have the best 10 Business Class Airlines listed for the most popular service offers. So that you have an overview and you can decide whether you want to experience all of that.

Relaxed and carefree!

Contact us if we are to help you with everything.

The English consulting firm Skytrax again this year surveyed 19 million passengers, have taken more than 200 airlines around the world under the microscope and “examined them thoroughly”.  The best was awarded the “World Airline Award”.

What does Business Class offer?

  • free chauffeur service
  • exclusive lounges with wireless Internet, magazines, food, and beverages in a comfortable and quiet atmosphere
  • particularly quick handling of all formalities at most airports
  • flatbed armchairs
  • a charging socket for your laptop
  • personal mini bar
  • an offer of region-specific dishes for you to enjoy international gourmet specials
  • luxury cutlery and china instead of plastic
  • selected wines by sommeliers to match the menu
  • complimentary cocktails, champagne, beers, spirits, hot and cold drinks
  • onboard Lounge A380
  • amenity kits so you can experience your trip refreshed


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