Since 9 January 2016, the estimated most luxurious sun deck of the world is on the way from Finland to Dubai: around 8,000 nautical miles the platform completes on a ship. The arrival is scheduled for mid-February.
Two pools, a restaurant, a bar, 32 cabanas and 400 sun beds are to be found on the 10,000 square meter steel structure. The platform will be docked north of the Burj Al Arab and stretch out approximately 100 meters into the Arabian Gulf. Guests are expected to be able to relax on the “North Deck” in the second quarter of 2016.
Since the peace and privacy of our guests is the top concern of our luxury hotel, the floating sun deck was assembled in the Finnish shipyard Admares. The “North Deck” is considered an innovative masterpiece and was built using the latest technologies from shipbuilding, design and construction.

Book up to 31.01.2016 the Jumeirah Special with and enjoy your stay at the Burj Al Arab and the “North Deck”.

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