Do you really need a butler?
Need? No. Of course not. Other things are of more existential importance.

But I want to. During my holidays, I feel the need to allow myself the luxury to be treated to all the comforts of life.
This includes someone who takes time for me, gets to know me and my desires, and ideally, someone who anticipates them. A discrete, distinguished person making suggestions to fulfill wishes I didn’t even have, yet, but definitely want to try now.

There are only few luxury hotels which offer a butler service in each category, for me this separates the wheat from the chaff among the luxury hotels.
The St. Regis offers this service in each of its hotels worldwide. Guests particularly appreciate the following amenities:



You have just arrived in your room and are greeted with coffee or tea. As part of the daily morning ritual, your butler will wake you up in advance by phone and ensure that you get off to a good start in your day. With tea, cappuccino or espresso, the latest newspapers and the weather forecast.


Well, it’s a necessary evil if you want to go on trips. But now that you’ve arrived to the holidays of your dreams, I can let it go and just do what I have been looking forward to: swimming in the ocean, strolling along the private beach, enjoying dinner, shopping… and fortunately the butler handles this task until departure as well. It makes my holidays just a little longer.

Garment Pressing

I admit – I am in no way a professional at packing suitcases. Although I’ve rolled it up and used tissue paper, my favorite dress is still a bit creased. Of course, there is an iron and an ironing board in the room. Would I like to pursue activities during my holidays that I already have banished from my everyday life at home?
Suffice it to note and my clothes are back in my wardrobe, wrinkle-free.r faltenfrei im Kleiderschrank.

Butler-Service 2.0

Or “eButler”, as St. Regis calls it. The digital butler service 24/7, available via email. In case you wake up in the middle of the night and want to express a wish, the butler service desk can be reached.

Do you also want to experience this (again)? St. Regis currently offers 50% discount in Mauritius for bookings before 30th April 2016.


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