This is what guests of several American hotels get to hear now that various chains, including Marriott and Hilton, are using robots for their room service.

These robots were created by American startup Savioke, while the hotel chains developed the smart phone app, which guests can use to check in.

Relay accompanies you to your room at a walking pace, it can even use the elevator on its own, it calls you when standing by your door to deliver the drinks you ordered – ice-cold – and gives you touchscreen instructions on how to unlock the tray so that you can get your drinks.

Relay also provides you with snacks, toothbrushes and fresh towels. But if you put used wet towels back into the tray there could be a short circuit, a hotel manager reported.

We believe that Relay is a nice help, but we would prefer the personal service of a butler. You too? Please contact us and we’ll look for a luxury hotel with butler service for your dream vacation.






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